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KiT Player 설치와 이용과 관련하여 자주 궁금해 하시는 점들을 안내해 드립니다.

Q The album stops when recording.

The recording function may be limited depending on the resolution of the device you are using.

If you select HD on the recording screen, you can improve the quality of the recording screen.

However, the album may be stopped if the device specification being used is low.

Q How are music videos played?

Providing a music video that is only available within the album will cause the initial album installation time to be considerably longer.

To minimize this inconvenience, this music video is provided as a YouTube link.

Therefore, if the network environment is not good, music video may be delayed.

Q Can I install an unlimited number of albums?


Yes, an unlimited number of installations and removals of albums purchased on devices with the kit player are available.

If you just want to delete an album without deleting the kit player, you can touch the “Trash” icon in the album intro space in the kit player.

In this case, you can reinstall the album at any time by touching the kit card.